Two Arrested in Beating After Car Crash

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Detroit police believe they've caught two of the people, but continue looking for every single person involved in a brutal beating Wednesday afternoon on the city's east side.

Two teenagers ages 16 and 17 have been arrested. Investigators say the teens were two of about ten people who threw punches and kicks at Steve Utash, a Macomb County father and grandfather, as a crowd of 20 or so watched on.

Police say a ten-year-old boy stepped in the path of Utash's pick-up truck Wednesday afternoon.

The boy suffered minor injuries. Utash remains in the hospital fighting to live - his condition hasn't changed over the last few days.

Utash does not have health insurance, so his children set up an online fund to pay for his medical expenses. So far the fund has raised more than $84,000.

"They didn't think it was going to get this big," said Max Mohr, Utash's brother-in-law. "But they're so appreciative that they don't really know how to take what the world is saying about this and their dad being the way he is."

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan calls the attack "senseless."

A prominent pastor, the Reverend Horace Sheffield the Third, is calling on the public to go block-by-block to find the "heartless perpetrators."

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