Trial for Man Accused of Killing MSU Student to Move Forward

Dominique Nolff was shot and killed Jan 31. in his student apartment just off Michigan State's campus near Cedar Village.
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East Lansing, Mich. (WILX) Marquay McCoy, the Grand Rapids man suspected in the Jan. 31 shooting which killed Michigan State University sophomore Dominique Nolff will have to face a jury.

East Lansing Judge Andrea Larkin decided Wednesday McCoy will stand trial for the shooting that killed Nolff and injured Nolff's roommate Corbin Holwerda.

McCoy is facing multiple charges including open murder and armed robbery. Several expert witnesses and Nolff's roommate Corbin Holwerda testified Wednesday.

A forensic scientist with MSP testified that blood found inside Nolff's apartment and DNA found on the pistol which was left inside the apartment was a match for McCoy's DNA.

Holwerda offered insight into how the evening of Jan. 31 unfolded in the student apartment located just off campus on Cedar St. in East Lansing, saying McCoy attempted to rob both he and Nolff of their medical marijuana and a laptop at gunpoint.

At first, Holwerda said it seemed Nolff and McCoy knew each other.

"This guy (McCoy) came knocking on the door... and I called for Dominique and I asked if he knew him and he just said 'what's up' to the guy," Holwerda said during his testimony Wednesday.

Both Holwerda and Nolff, who were medical marijuana card holders, had bought some earlier in the day, according to Holwerda.

The three individuals ended up in Nolff's bedroom preparing to smoke some of the pot when McCoy pulled out his gun.

"I wan interrupted by the guy standing up from the bed, and pulling a gun out," Holwerda said. "He says 'put the weed in the bag' and he held out his left hand... and it all happened very fast."

And then came the struggle, Holwerda said he jumped onto McCoy's back holding him in a "full nelson" as Nolff punched him in the face. It was at that point McCoy began firing his gun off multiple times.

"I started to just run backwards so we could just pin him in the corner," Holwerda testified. "As soon as I landed in the closet while I was holding him, he started shooting."

Two shots hit Nolff in the head and shoulder and one hit Holwerda in the calf. Nolff died while in the hospital the next morning.

McCoy was on parole for assaulting an officer in Kent County at the time of the shooting. He was arrested in Grand Rapids in February.

No future court dates have been set at this time.

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