Trial Begins for Accused I-96 Shooter; Raulie Casteel

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HOWELL (WILX)-- Trying to find an unbiased jury for Raulie Casteel isn't going to be easy. Jury selection began Tuesday in the terrorism case against the man accused of shooting at several cars last year.

Judge David Reader of Livingston County Circuit Court is trying to narrow down the field. Going out of his way jurors are being individually interviewed. It's a long process, but necessary to ensure the jury isn't tainted by other people's opinions before testimony begins.

There's only one problem, almost everyone called for jury duty seems to have heard of the shootings. When Judge Reader asked the jury to raise their hands if they have heard of Casteel, or the shootings all but one raised their hands.

Jurors aren't being excused for knowing about Casteel and his ties to this case, but a few admitted they wouldn't be able to put their emotions aside. Those jurors were asked to leave. It's possible more than 40 interviews will be needed before a jury is selected.

Despite the long process, Casteel stayed calm and quiet Tuesday; only mouthing "I love you" to his family when they left the courtroom.

Jury selection wasn't finished on Tuesday, and will continue on Wednesday. It's possible opening statements won't be given until Friday.

Judge Reader said Casteel is being charged in connection with 23, not 24 shootings. The bullet pulled from the victim shot in the buttocks on I-96 on October 27th doesn't match any of the weapons found in Casteel's possession.

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