Tree Nearly Destroys Holt Home

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Sunday night Dana Parker was at home watching the Lions game.

"Then I heard a boom and a crash, looked over and there's a limb coming through the living room wall-- right where I was sitting," said Dana Parker, the homeowner.

The tree in his front yard divided near the base--the smaller half remains standing, the bigger half fell toward his house. The tree is about four feet in diameter, and about 60 feet long.

"I've had limbs and stuff come off of it but never the whole tree," said Parker describing gusty winds.

A four-inch branch hit his home. It damaged the roof, stripped the gutter and broke two out of three pains in his front window.

Incredibly no one was hurt.

First responders say the family is lucky the tree landed where it did. It could have been much worse.

"If it would have come any harder, or had any more movement, it would have caught me in the chair," said Parker.

The tree's branches now go all the way onto their front porch. The family now has to use the back door to get in and out.

"We have power and everything is working. I just don't know if the house will have any water damage," said Parker.

The yard is now covered by debris. What's worse, the Parkers had just recently landscaped.

Still they're grateful -- they have their home and more importantly each other.

The family is doing all they can to get life back to normal-- they've contacted their insurance company, but it could be weeks till the house and yard are repaired.

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