Trading Skills at Statewide R.A. Conference

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EAST LANSING (WILX)-- When it comes to safety, Michigan universities have no room to be rivals.

Saturday, universities from all around the state put down their differences for the first ever Resident Advisor Conference. This was the first time they've shared their knowledge and training secrets.

There were more than 13 different universities, 200 resident advisors, and they were all in one place. Some schools came from as far as Marquette, MI.

Being from a smaller university, Jennell Pelletier from NMU has been focusing on how the bigger universities like MSU handle situations.

"It's awesome to know other schools are doing the same stuff that we're doing on a much larger scale. Learning how they work and target shoot problems is really interesting," said Pelletier.

Everyone was learning from everyone. They were sharing experiences, training skills, community involvement ideas, and emergency situation protocols. More than 15 thousand students on the MSU campus are under the supervision of a resident advisor. Making them the front line for student safety.

"If we like what Western is doing lets do that. If we like what Rochester College is doing lets do that. There is no perfect model," said MSU R.A. Stephen Henniger.

Other states around the nation have been doing these conferences for years, Michigan is trying catch up,

"Looking around the country this is a regular occurrence and Michigan didn't have one. So we thought, why not start it here," said Henniger.

To make it more successful, more universities will have to attend next year.

"Definitely more schools. We want to get more private schools and christian colleges because they have a different experience than what the public schools do," said Henniger.

"There's lot's of information, so we are all taking notes and will be bringing stuff back," said Pelletier

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