Toledo Water Crisis Takes a Toll On Michigan Stores

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Aisle 13 in Country Market is typically stocked with drinking water, distilled water and bottled water.

But, since Saturday morning, the shelves have been bare.

"They just mad rushed. By 10:30 in the morning, we had went through about 14 pallets of water, single gallons, 2 and a half gallon - everything. We were putting 'em out on the floor as fast as we could, and they were just taking 'em right off the pallets. No price on 'em, anything, they were just, they were gone," said Assistant Store Manager, Joe McCarty.

A pallet holds about 72 cases of water. That's a little under 2,000 bottles of water per pallet.

Customers also ran the 300-gallon water machine dry.

And, even though the store has been out of water for more than a day, McCarty said masses of people keep coming. "They came all this way and you know they figured that this far away somebody'd have water, and it's out everywhere."

Jen Molnar, a resident of Toledo, made the hour drive to spend the weekend at her cottage. "I felt really fortunate to have somewhere to go, where at least I could kind of take a shower and do laundry and not have to worry about things because a lot of people don't have that option," she said.

Before Molnar returns home, she hoped to stock up on water at Country Market. "We're here for the weekend and thought we'd get some water before we came home, and brought some containers to fill, but even here everything's gone," Molnar explained.

But, things could be turning around. The store said a special shipment will come in Sunday night.

Governor Rick Snyder said Michigan hasn't been asked to help just yet. But, emergency management teams are prepared to do whatever is necessary for Michiganders with contaminated water.