Time is Running Out to Upgrade from Windows XP

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Microsoft has pulled the plug on it's 12 year-old Windows XP. Beginning April 8, the company will no longer offer security updates for the operating system.

In a race to stay secure, about a dozen customers a day have been coming to Digilink Computers in Okemos, to get an upgrade from Windows XP. Manager Mike Bartholomew says, "Lately, it's been a mad rush." The rush to keep private information inside personal computers and out of the hands of hackers, is important for anyone who uses XP. Rick Wash, Associate Professor at Michigan State University says, "One of the interesting problems on the internet right now is hackers will break into one computer and then use that to break into other computers. So having lots of people on the internet who all the sudden become more vulnerable makes the whole internet, it's kind of similar to measles."

Even if you don't have XP on your computer, experts recommend you make sure your operating system is updated and protected with security software. Wash says, "It's going to be interesting to see if that actually does produce a lot of, basically, a lot of new attacks on the internet, if we're seeing a lot more people compromised or not."

The cost for an upgrade depends on the age of your computer. The older it is, the more likely the whole unit will need to be replaced.
It means big business for computer stores. Bartholomew says his store is busy. "Just trying to keep the stuff in stock to keep up with the demand."