Three Arrested for DeWitt, Other Clinton County Break-Ins

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Money, credit cards, drugs and a gun. All things found, Wednesday night, as sheriff's deputies and DeWitt Township Police arrested two men and one woman at a Riley Township home.

"We know that these people are involved in some breaking and enterings and some thefts," said Clinton County Sheriff Wayne Kangas.

For DeWitt Township, it started with a series of car break-ins earlier this week.

"We had five of them on Sunday," said DeWitt Township Police Chief Brian Russell. "That's when we started taking reports of them."

Three days later, several reports of car break-ins and one home break-in near Schavey Road in DeWitt also came in. Several people reported having items taken from their cars.

Detective Fritz Sandberg, of the Clinton County Sheriff's Department, says the following investigation of video from stores where stolen credit cards were used helped identify a suspect. Sandberg says the man already had outstanding warrants and deputies found him at a home in Riley Township.

"We arrested that individual along with another individual who also had outstanding warrants," said Sandberg. "A search of the residence was done and multiple items of stolen property were recovered."

Stolen property, not just from DeWitt, but from other home break-ins that happened in nearby Watertown Township over the last couple of weeks.

"These people were doing this for a considerable amount of time that we can determine at this point," said Sheriff Kangas. "This has been going on for a while."

Sandberg says it is still early in the investigation, but it is ongoing and could end up spreading throughout the Tri-County area.

"There's definitely more to come," said Sandberg. "There are more jurisdictions that will come forward, we hope."

All three suspects are currently in the Clinton County Jail. The woman involved was arraigned, Thursday and the two men are expected to be arraigned, Friday.

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