Thousands Attend Detroit Auto Show Over The Weekend

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DETROIT (WILX)-- Didnt make it to the opening of the north american auto show in detroit this weekend? It was the biggest opening weekend for the show in 8 years. No worries though if you missed out we have the popular displays without the crowd control.

The most popular by far was the new Chevrolet Corvette-Stingray. A crowd so thick was gathered around it this weekend you couldn't see the car until you had pushed your way to the front.

"There was a bunch of people but you just got to fight your way to get in there but it was worth it," said onlooker Samantha Tini.

"The most popular was the Chevrolet Stingray, without a doubt," said North American International Auto Show spokesperson Marc Harlow. "The resurrection of the stingray name and the complete redesign of the vehicle makes it just awesome."

Coming in a close second was the car-of-the-year, the Lansing made ATS0 Cadillac. The ATS is out on the showroom floor and actually available for people to get in and try out.

"This year we're totally hands on at Cadillac. Usually we have guard rails around the vehicles while presenting, but not this year," said Cadillac Jenna Strauss.

More than 103,000 people showed up on Saturday alone, easily making it one of the top 5 auto shows globally this year.

The show will run through the 27th.