Thousands of Jackson Students to Watch "Bully" Movie

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Could the answer to school bullying be on the big screen? Thousands of Jackson students and their parents are headed to the theater this week and next to watch a documentary on the topic.

Monday marked the first showing for parents, so they can watch the movie at Jackson's Michigan Theater before their kids.

Organizers say "Bully, The Movie" can be tough to watch, but holds an important message.

"Educators previewed the movie and said our kids need to see this, it's a very impactful movie," Steve Sukta, with the Jackson Intermediate School District said.

The movie follows five people, parents and students, who face the devastating consequences of unchecked bullying. The footage is real and at times painful.

"Every teacher I know is concerned about it, every teacher I've ever worked with, every administrator I've ever worked with," former teacher and Michigan Theater operator Steve Tucker said.

Tuckers says the movie might hit home where other programs haven't. He worked with the district to make sure students in 6th-12th grade get to see the film.

The JISD will be busing students to the theater through March 1st for showings.

Parents are supportive of the plan.

"Children can harbor things like that and it can really affect them in the way they preform," father Kern Smith said. "That's one of the biggest concerns of mine."

Students will have presentations and activities on bullying before and after the movie. The district says this message won't stop at the theater.

"The long term hope is that Jackson County becomes the kindest county in the world," Tuckers said.

"Students will really think twice about this and say we want to be part of the solution and not allow this problem to continue," Sukta added.

A second free showing for parents will be at 6:45 on Tuesday. Student screenings begin this Wednesday.

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