Thousands Say Goodbye, Celebrate Lacey

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"I'm not a princess. I'm a queen because queens have tall crowns," said Lacey Holsworth in a video shown at her Celebration of Life Thursday night at the Breslin Center.

There were bright colors, smiles, and laughter.

"My belly is so jiggly, jiggly, jiggly," said Lacey.

Thousands of people came together to recognize one amazing little girl--Princess Lacey they called her.

"Hi Dady, I'm going to beat my record and it's going to be legendary," she said in a video taken while she went through therapy.

While she never gave up, her fight against cancer is now over.

"I don't have a doubt that Lacey's in heaven right now. She's happy, she's smiling, she's healthy and nothing is wrong," said Travis Trice, an MSU basketball player.

Many wore tiaras. Most everyone had tears. Her mother best described who she was and how she touched others.

"She was shy yet outgoing, competitive yet sweet, a tomboy with a tutu, graceful yet silly, little but strong, and composed yet wild," said Heather Holsworth in a voice recording that played during the service.

Lacey's friend Adreian Payne did not speak, but he did perform one silent dunk in her honor. Lacey loved the team and their game.

There were prayers, performances and music, but people especially loved just seeing Lacey.

"I loved it. I thought it was incredible. I loved seeing all the videos and hearing everyone talk, it was so many people were impacted by Lacey," said Michelle Dear, who came from Chesterfield.

Those who didn't personally know her, left the celebration wanting to be better.

"Even though you are gone, I know what to do. All the love that you spread, all the times you amazed me, for the rest of my life, I will love like Lacey," said Alex Everhart, as he read one of many poems he wrote to Lacey.

A little princess with a heart too big for this world will be missed, but her message lives on.

"I love you!" said Lacey blowing a kiss.

Love like Lacey.

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