Thousands Attend Hash Bash in Ann Arbor

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ANN ARBOR, Mich. (AP) - Smoke floated in the air as thousands of people attended an annual pro-marijuana rally at the University of Michigan.
The event's emcee, Adam Brook, asked, "How many of you have weed?" Thousands proudly raised arms Saturday at the 43rd Hash Bash.
Campus police allow the rally on free speech grounds, but officers watch for any open drug dealing.
Ashley Nolan of West Branch held a sign that said, "Weed is safer than peanuts." Tim Beck told the crowd he wants to see ballot proposals to reduce the penalties for marijuana in a dozen Michigan communities this year.
He wants to "create chaos" at the local level to force changes statewide.
Haley Marsden of Allen Park says alcohol and tobacco are more dangerous than pot.

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