Third Oil-Collecting Boom Added to River Cleanup Efforts

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LANSING - A third oil-absorbing boom has been deployed on the Grand River in Lansing to catch oil that spilled from the Eckert Power Station Sunday night. The new boom has been placed just south of the North Dam in Old Town. The other two booms are at Cheryy Hill and Adado Riverfront Parks. BWL says they are continuing to clean up approximately 300 gallons of oil. "The containment and cleanup are progressing well, and we're committed to ensuring that all oil is removed from the river," says George Stojic, who overseas BWL's environmental services. He says the booms will remain in place until all the oil has been captured and removed. Both the Environmental Protection Agency and the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality have been onsite and consulting with BWL cleanup personnel.
The oil spill was detected at about 10:30PM Sunday night.
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