Thibeault to Face Circuit Court Judge

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Keith Thibeault sat emotionless as Portland police officer Timothy Groenhof, the last of three witnesses questioned on Thursday, described the morning he was called to the Thibeault home.

"I observed that the infant was cool to the touch, not responding and had a very light blue tint to the skin," said Groenhof.

It was the early morning of March 24th when Keith Thibeault claims his three-month-old son, Everette, fell off a couch and landed on his head. He died shortly after.

Now, nearly nine months later, it has been decided that Thibeault's case will head to circuit court to face charges for the murder and abuse of his son, following Thursday's preliminary exam.

Dr. Rudy Castellani, a neuropathologist, examined Everette Thibault's brain and eyes following his death and said during his questioning that he discovered several hemorrhages, among other injuries, in both organs.

"This is not an accidental set of injuries," said Castellani. "The totality of the findings indicate trauma to the head, followed by cardiac arrest, followed by a period of survival and then, death."

Judge Raymond Voet decided on the circuit court move after hearing the testimonies of both Castellani and another pathologist. Testimonies that Thibeault's attorney, Kevin Peterson, plans to fight.

"Doctors will testify that what these doctors are saying today is completely not true," said Peterson. "There have been studies done by mechanical engineers, forensic pathologists and otherwise that would indicate a fall like this could happen exactly the way Keith Thibault indicated."

An arraignment will be held December 11th, after which, dates for the trial will be decided. Attorneys say it could happen as early as next spring.

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