The Tip That Finally Helped Nab Ricky Wheeldon

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"He kind of had a look of, he knew the gig was up." said Michigan State Police Trooper Darren Green.

His assignment late Tuesday night was to be on stand-by, blocks from the house in Leslie where police were tipped Ricky Wheeldon was staying: "They called me and had me respond to the area to help if needed."

But when Wheeldon started to drive away with a friend, Green was put on the front line: That's where (another) Sergeant and I became involved conducting a traffic stop on that vehicle...Mr. Wheeldon and the other occupant of the vehicle cooperated and complied with our directions. They were arrested without incident."

Wheeldon's appearance had changed since the last time he had a mug shot taken in May.

Wheeldon and his friend were both arrested without any trouble: "Pending the Prosecutor's review of my report, he's gonna be facing several more felony charges based on the events that happened."

Including what Green says he found during the arrest: A loaded hand-gun in one pocket, marijuana, cocaine, meth and prescription pills stuffed in the others.

Which the Prosecutor takes to mean Wheeldon stayed in the drug business after skipping bail: "He will not be on the streets of Jackson for...if ever again," said Jackson County Prosecutor Hank Zavislak.

While he was on the run, Wheeldon was already convicted with nine felonies; enough to put him away for the rest of his life. Now, the Prosecutor's office will try to add more: "It's going to be more significant obviously. We're looking at an additional potential 14 year."

During the arraignment, Wheeldon told the judge he was not happy with his last attorney, and will likely have a new one appointed to him by the court. In the meantime, he is being held at the Jackson County Jail. This time, without bond.

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