'The Biggest Loser' Contestant From Michigan

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Hometown: Monroe, Michigan

Occupation: Pharmaceutical Representative

To his friends, Jeff Nichols has always been known as the funny guy who is quick with a joke and the life of the party. But Jeff says that’s just a mask he wears to help cope with how he really feels about himself. “I would love to finally be able to honestly say the outgoing fun guy you see on the outside is a true representative of how I feel on the inside,” he says. The Dearborn, Michigan native grew up in Monroe, Michigan with two older sisters and three half-brothers. At four years old, he was put on steroids to help bulk up so he could better handle his asthma, which helped his condition but also started his weight gain. He stayed active regardless, but really started gaining weight at age 17, when his father passed away from cancer just six weeks after being diagnosed. He went on to college, graduating with a degree in sales and business marketing from Western Michigan University, but a poor diet and little to no exercise in college caused further weight gain. Now 24 years old and 388 pounds, Jeff feels his weight has held him back from all the things he sees his friends doing, like starting families and being active and happy. He wants to get healthy and be a positive influence on overweight family members, and looks forward to being able to skydive and go on any rides he wants to at amusement parks.