Thanksgiving Travel Rush

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It's one of the busiest times for travelers and the same goes for law enforcement.

"The biggest dangers this weekend is that people are going to get home from work, they're going to load everybody up into their car and they're going to be in a rush to get to grandma's," said Michigan State Police Inspector Gene Adamczyk.

MSP will be increasing patrols in anticipation of the holiday rush and also Wednesday 'bar night." They say getting around safely can be as simple as being patient and slowing down.

"A road rage incident may put you in jail, may put you in a hospital or in the morgue, so what you want to do is take your time and get there safely," said Inspector Adamczyk.

Airports will also be busy hubs. Earlier on Wednesday, lines at the Capital Region International Airport weren't too bad. Still, some travelers didn't take chances.

"We just make sure that we start out ahead. We have a full stomach because sometimes it's hard to grab a bite before you get on the plane," said Kathi Pearson, who's travelling with her family.

Airport officials say paying attention to details can get you through security and onto your flight faster.

"Don't wrap your gift packages prior to departing. Wait and wrap your package once you arrive at your destination because there are times when those packages have to be opened up," said Nicole Noll-Williams, spokesperson for the Capital Region International Airport.

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