Testdriving the Car of the Year; Locals Proud

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LANSING (WILX)- You know the people who build the Cadillac ATS from scratch are beaming with pride, and they're not the only ones. The "Car of the Year" is also turning heads at the dealership lot.

"We got 'Car of the Year' that's awesome, everything is positive," said Grand River Assembly Plant worker Scarlett Stevenson when we asked her what she thought about building this years top car.

At the Lansing plant the workers were told the good news before they started their shift.

"We were up against some good competition, and it's good to recognize that we are the best," said General Assembly Area Manager Craig Colby.

For some workers the ATS has been their life line.

"It's a beautiful car and because they started the second shift I was able to work here," said Stevenson.

At a potent 272 horse power the 2 liter turbo engine in the ATS gives it great gas mileage, and has some of the most advanced aerodynamic innovations

Colby described the car as "it drives like a sports car but it's very luxurious."

The celebration at the plant wasn't long lived. After hearing the exciting news the workers got back to business to continue producing more than 400 cars every day. 60 percent of those cars being the Cadillac ATS.

Good news travels fast, locally the ATS has recently become the top seller at Cadillac dealerships.

"We already had people come in asking about it. They saw it on the news and wanted to come see it," said Capitol Cadillac General Manager Karl Hasenwinkle.

Hasenwinkle says he hopes the award will help improve slow winter sales.

"I expect sales to increase. Lansing should be proud that they built such a great car," said Hasenwinkle.

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