Ten Hour Search for Coldwater Boy Ends

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The search for Chance Miller began around 7:30 a.m., Thursday. Moments before getting on the bus for school, there was a blow-up at home.

"He had a disagreement with his father about items he could take to school," said Sgt. Robin Swartz of the Branch County Sheriff's Office. "Apparently he had taken it on the school bus and the driver told him he couldn't have it. This upset him and he took off running."

The boy ran into the woods. His father chased him, but could not catch him. He called the Branch County Sheriff's Office and Sgt. Swartz led 11 deputies in the search.

"We called the Michigan State Police K-9 unit," said Swartz. "They assisted with the search."

But it was rainy outside and the rain made it difficult to track him, even with the help of 50 volunteers. They were concerned about his asthma and they also had other worries.

"We're talking about a young man who has ADHD and some limitations as far as maturity," said Swartz.

The search led the sheriff's deputies to nearby Hodunk Road. They found Miller lying there asleep. Swartz says they covered that area earlier in the day and she believes Miller had turned around to come back at some point.

"He was a little bit scared and very cold," said Swartz.

Ten hours after the search began, the 10-year-old Chance was found safe...and just in time.

"It was cold, hypothermia is going to set in," said Swartz. "If he would have had to sit out there all night, heaven knows what condition we would have found him in the next day."

Chance Miller is currently at home. Swartz says his parents were extremely relieved to have found him.

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