Teens Showcase Graffiti Mural Projects

Teens painted Lansing's REO Town red...and orange and blue, and every color in between.

REACH's Teen Open Studio showcased its work Saturday.

The biggest project, four massive graffiti murals, designed, painted and created by local teens with the help of a guest artist.

And while the camp definitely had structure, organizers say the artists still got a chance to unleash their creativity.

Tabor Vits, a coordinator for the program, said, "The day to day is very free form. We try to encourage creativity instead of forcing the artists to work inside a box. With the kids, it tends to be a little more structured, 'cause they're younger, but that provides a lot of opportunity for growth for them as well."

The program finished up its run this past week, but the murals will stick around.

REACH also has plans to expand its garden area to feature one of them.

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