Teen Murderer 'Making Progress' with Rehab

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A 17-year-old murder convict still needs rehab, but is progressing well, social workers and psychologists told Judge R. George Economy Tuesday.

Charles Lewis was convicted of killing 19-year-old Shayla Johnson in 2010. He faces a potential life sentence, but Economy will decide if that sentence is warranted when Lewis turns 21.

At a commitment review hearing, a juvenile justice specialist said Lewis was progressing behaviorally and has demonstrated positive leadership and interaction with his peers. Lewis is concerned about his future, the specialist said, and doing "very well" in pursuit of a GED.

A social worker called Lewis "guarded" in his daily life, perhaps afraid of what may be reported back to the judge. The judge himself, called that a good thing.

"I want you to be guarded, I want you to be cautious because that means you're thinking," Economy said. "You're thinking before you're acting and that's critical. You have to sit there and ask yourself as we all do throughout our lives: if I do this, what will the consequences be?"

Lewis will be back in court April 15 for another review hearing to check his progress.

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