Teen Murder Suspect Waives Hearing

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ST. JOHNS - A teenager charged with murder in the death of an MSU student was in court Wednesday. 17-year-old Brendan Heim waived his right to have a preliminary examination in Clinton County district court. the case against him now goes directly to the circuit court and potential trial. Heim is one of three Saline teenagers charged with the death and robbery of Dustyn Frolka, an Owosso 19-year-old who was sophomore at MSU.

Heim faces murder, armed robbery and conspiracy charges. Heim's legal proceedings were delayed several weeks while he underwent a psychiatric examination to determine his competency. He was found competent.

18-year-old Tyrel Bredernitz also faces murder, armed robbery and conspiracy charges. His is scheduled for trial in September.

18-year-old Samantha Grigg already pleaded guilty to manslaughter and was sentenced to 6-to-15 years in prison. She agreed to testify against Heim and Bredernitz.

Dustiyn Frolka was found by a passing motorist along I-69 in Bath Township February 15th. He later died at the hospital. In prior court testimony, Samantha Grigg said that Heim beat Frolka with brass knuckles while all four were in a car driven by Grigg. Grigg says Frolka jumped out of her moving SUV.

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