Taking Advantage Of The Warm Weather; Road Work Increases

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LANSING (WILX)- The start of a multi-million dollar road project got underway Monday, partly in thanks to mother nature. The warm January temps are helping M-DOT and other businesses get things done a little earlier.

Construction on the Clemens Street bridge wasn't supposed to start until late February or March, but began Monday.

"Any time we can start a little earlier the better. Wednesday we will be closing Clemens Street with a detour posted while we do repairs to that bridge this season," said spokesperson for M-DOT Kari Arend.

M-DOT has most of the major projects pre-planned, but will take advantage of the weather to make repairs.

"When we do get a warmer spell you may see more maintenance crews out patching potholes and addressing any immediate needs on the highway," said Arend.

With the strange weather potholes could start popping up and do big damage to your vehicle. That's why getting it into the shop right now might be a great idea.

"What we generally see are bent control arms, bent tire rods, and it can knock the car out of alignment. All of that can lead to premature tire ware," said Assistant Manager of Budget Tires Bryan Brown.

The warm weather means less people going to auto shops for snow related damage, but this week you may be able to take advantage of that.

"People haven't been sliding around as much so it's not the first thing on their mind. This is a slow time and they can get in and out quicker," said Brown.

If the alignment of your vehicle is off a little bit it could still do major damage to your vehicle explains Brown.

"Being one percent off on your alignment is equivalent to dragging it down a road or highway sideways for 100 feet."

The construction on the Clemens Street bridge is scheduled to last until June. The work is part of a larger project to repair 34 bridges during the spring and summer seasons.

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