Suspect's Sister Testifies In McCowan Trial

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LANSING (WILX)-- Shay McCowan had a chance in court Monday to explain why she sent a text to her brother that may have led him to kill her boyfriend. A text as it turned out wasn't even true.

Before her testimony even began she was in tears. Shay described her brother Connor McCowan as her best friend, and Andrew Singler as the love of her life. She described them as all being close friends.

"We would go bowling three to four times a week. If I was at work, Connor and Andrew would hang out," said Shay.

But Shay's relationship with Singler wasn't perfect. She admitted they fought a lot, and that he once beat her.

"Andrew shoved me on the bed and hit me so hard I had a hand print on my stomach for about three or four days," said Shay.

On the day of Singler's death Shay was texting Connor that Singler had broken her back and ribs, which was a lie. Shay had actually just fallen off Singler's back while being given a piggy-back ride.

"I fell and I hit a railroad tie that was sticking out of the ground. I guess I was just looking for someone to talk too." said Shay.

But Connor didn't know that at the time, and had gone over to confront Singler after a series of heated texts. One text included a death threat from Singler to McCowan.

Shay wasn't the only family member to testify. Randy McCowan, Connor's father also took the stand.

"He told me Andrew had threatened to stab him," said Randy.

Randy says that when Connor came home after the incident, he didn't know if Singer was okay. That's why they went back to the apartment together. They knew it was serious when they saw crime tape surrounding the building.

"I was in shock. I was worried about Andrew," said Randy.

Randy will continue his testimony on Tuesday. Prosecutors don't think they'll be done with their case until Friday.
They still need to go through the crime scene investigation and d-n-a testing.

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