Suspects Arrested in Home Invasion Spree

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Antiques, expensive jewelry and even lawn mowers are sitting in the garage of the Michigan State Police Coldwater Post. Those are just some of the items recovered as investigators busted a crime duo.

“This was a pretty sophisticated group as far as being organized,” said Trooper Alan Fouty.

Glendora Beard is one of the two suspects arrested for allegedly stealing from about 150 homes over 12 to 14 months across eight counties in Michigan, including Ingham, Eaton, Clinton and Hillsdale Counties.

“They found a process that worked for them and by finding that process they were able to make it last a long time,” said Trooper Fouty.

Investigators say the suspects spent a lot of time finding homes that worked for them, typically ones that are off the roadway. They would knock on the door and if someone answered, they would make up an excuse.

“If no one came to the door, then at that point they would just kick the door in and they would go in and look around the house and if there were something there that they like, they would simply take it,” said Trooper Fouty.

They preferred things like jewelry, prescription medication and money, items they could quickly get rid of or use. State Police couldn’t release details of how they found the suspects, but did say the investigation took just over a month.

“Det. Sgt. Karbon who is the lead detective here at the Coldwater post, he was able to develop a solid lead and he was simply able to expand from that particular lead,” said Trooper Fouty.

The next step is to connect all the recovered items with the owners, which investigators say could take several months.

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