Suspected I-96 Shooter Faces Terrorism Charge

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From I-96 shooter to Michigan terrorist, 43-year-old Raulie Casteel is facing a terrorism charge the Attorney General's office calls unusual but necessary.

"He terrified motorists from Lansing to Detroit," Attorney General Spokesperson Joy Yearout said. "People altered their routes. Mothers told children not to go to school. School bus routes were altered."

A special task force covering Ingham, Livingston, Oakland, and Shiawasee counties had to be formed in order to catch him. It took law enforcement three weeks to make the arrest even with as much man power as possible.

"To have a task force the size of what was created was probably unprecedented," Major Joel Maatman of the Ingham County Sheriff's Office said. "But it was a smart move, and it turned out to be a very successful move, and put the right person in jail and stopped this threat."

The terrorism charge consists of 21 separate shooting instances that are violent felony counts. All the shootings in the complaint take place between Oct. 16-18, and each one accuses Casteel of shooting at a person's car while he or she was driving.

"The circumstances of this case don't merit anything less than a terrorism charge, and the attorney general is confident in this charge," Yearout said. "He expects to secure a conviction, and he looks forward to securing justice for those who were victimized by Mr. Casteel."

Law enforcement also look forward to justice being served.

"It's just a long drawn out process, but it's a process I can live with because the person's not out there and we know who it is," Maj. Maatman said.

Casteel also faces assault with intent to murder and felony firearm charges, and all of these new charges replace the previous ones filed in Livingston County. The case in Oakland County with 60 counts still stands as well. Both cases will move forward after Casteel's competency exam.

A video arraignment is scheduled for Dec. 27 in Livingston County Court.

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