Suspected I-96 Shooter Competent to Stand Trial

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The psychiatrist's finding solidified the case for Attorney General Bill Schuette.

"Without this finding, we wouldn't be able to prosecute the case, wouldn't be moving forward. This is what we've been preparing for all along," said Joy Yearout, spokesperson for the attorney general.

Accused I-96 shooter Raulie Casteel did not appear in court on Wednesday. The most serious charges against him include assault with intent to murder and terrorism.

"We look forward to getting justice for the thousands of people who were frightened in the months when this terrorizing went on," said Yearout.

Casteel is competent to stand trial meaning he understands the proceedings, but criminal responsibility has not been raised. The defense team wouldn't comment, which leaves a lot of questions as to what's next for the alleged shooter.

"The next phase is the defense attorney may or may not decide to raise an insanity defense," said Lansing area attorney Linda Widener.

Though that's only speculation for now, Widener says she thinks the trial will be complex.

"Especially they're wanting to go forward with the terrorism charge," said Widener.

The attorney general says they have strong evidence and they're ready for the preliminary exam.

"If it were tomorrow, we're ready tomorrow," said Yearout.

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