Suspected I-96 Shooter Charged with Terrorism

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Prosecutors and law enforcement believe the charge fits the crime, while those living in communities off I-96 have some mixed feelings.

There's a long list of charges against suspected I-96 shooter Raulie Casteel, including the charge of terrorism.

Casteel's attorney entered a plea of not guilty for charges filed in Livingston County on Thursday.

The attorney general and law enforcement believe the charge fits the crime and many in communities surrounding I-96 feel the same.

"Absolutely because he was terrorizing everybody. I mean if you're scared to drive on your normal routine, then that's terrorism," said Nancy Carlson.

Though most of the shootings happened off I-96, some people living in Webberville tell me they avoided travelling on the highway and took many other precautions.

"He should at least be charged with terrorism because everybody was afraid. The area was afraid. Even at my work, we locked down the doors and you had to be let in," said Terri Sinn.

Having a suspect in custody puts many people at ease, while other drivers say they never changed their routine and believe the terrorism charge is too much.

"I picture terrorism as being something much more than that. I guess it's one person attacking random people but it's not something to be in fear of because it's so random," said Tim Wedge.

Meanwhile, Casteel's attorney again declined to comment about the charges, but did say they're still waiting for the outcome of a psychiatric exam.

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