Lansing Rape Suspect Charged

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LANSING -- A man accused of a March sexual assault in Lansing, and suspected in three others from last year, is charged in court Friday.

William Thomas, 33, of Lansing, was arraigned on charges of first degree criminal sexual conduct and home invasion in connection to the March 17 attack of a woman in her home in the 4600 block of Lowcroft Avenue in Lansing.

Lansing police collaborated with several other police agencies including state and federal authorities to identify the suspect. A source tells News 10 that DNA from the St. Patrick's Day incident was key in that process.

On Thursday afternoon they received a tip that Thomas was in the 3200 block of S. Washington Avenue. A perimeter was set up, and Thomas was arrested in the 500 block of West Holmes Road.

Thomas is not charged with any other sexual assaults, but police say the Lowcroft case has similarities to other sexual assaults on Richmond Street in May, Gibson Street in July and Christiansen Street during September of 2011. They are investigating whether Thomas was involved.

"At this time, we're definitely not ruling out that the suspect we have in custody today may be involved in other sexual assaults," said LPD Capt. Daryl Green. "But at thist juncture it would be inappropriate for me to associate that suspect with any other assaults."

The judge denied bond at Thomas' arraignment Friday and scheduled a preliminary examination for April 19.

Thomas served time in prison before for breaking and entering, and for unlawfully driving away an automobile.

The CSC charge carries a maximum penalty of life in prison. Because of his past offenses, Thomas would serve up to 40 years for the home invasion charge.

Watch News 10 tonight for more on the arrest of William Thomas.

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