Suspect in Frolka Murder Case Makes Plea

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ST. JOHNS - One of three teenagers accused in the homicide of an Michigan State University student has made a plea deal. Samantha Grigg, 19, pleaded guilty Monday to manslaughter and unarmed robbery charges in a Clinton County courtroom. She had been facing a murder charge. The manslaughter and unarmed robbery convictions carry a potential 15-year prison sentence. As part of her plea, she has agreed to testify, if necessary, at the trial of the other two suspects involved.

19-year-old Dustyn Frolka, an MSU student from Owosso, was found unresponsive along I-69 in BathTownship February 15. Efferots to revive him were unsuccessful.

Grigg's lawyer says Samantha was driving the car that the two other suspects and Frolka were in. Investigators say they believe Frolka was beaten and thrown out of the car. They say the incident involved narcotics and robbery.

Two other teens, 18-year-old Tyrel Bredernitz and 16-year-old Brendan Haim, still face murder and robbery charges. All three are from Saline, Michigan, in Washtenaw County. Haim is being evaluated for his psychological fitness. Bredernitz is scheduled for trial in June.

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