Surprise! Mark Brewer Withdraws From Democratic Race

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DETROIT (WILX)- There was a dramatic turn of events today at the State Democratic Convention.

The longest serving State Democratic Party Chair, despite aggressively running for re-election stepped down.

Mark Brewer withdrew his candidacy for re-election meaning candidate Lon Johnson automatically wins.

But withdrawing was not on Brewer's mind just a few hours before he announced his decision.

"I'm excited about the support. Delegates will decide this afternoon who the chair is, but I feel a lot of support as I travel around the convention," said Brewer.

Before the democratic convention officially started Brewer seemed happy, confident and energized about his campaign for the Democratic Party Chair.

But something must have happened because just a few hours later he withdrew from the race.

Lon Johnson will bring a new face and generation to the Democratic Party Chair,

"I'm proud to have the endorsement of the entire cognitional delegation and many elected officials," said Johnson.

Up until the convention Johnson has been campaigning on the promises of fresh ideas and energy. Supporters hope Johnson will provide the kick start the party needs to take back the majority in the state government.

"We need to start looking at how we are going about the business of election. We need to change and start bringing more people into the party and when we do that we win," said Johnson.

Unions that originally were backing brewer said if he didn't win they would gladly support Johnson.

Mark Brewers says he wishes Johnson all the best.

Now that a chairman has been decided upon next on the agenda for the State Democrats is finding a strong candidate to go up against Governor Snyder.

Democrats don't know who that strong candidate will be. Finding a candidate will be Johnson's number one priority.

Brewer's withdrawal announcement shocked thousands in attendance at the convention. Johnson was officially elected the new chairman shortly after.

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