Super's Decision Stands: East Jackson Varsity Season Canceled

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East Jackson High was just a few people short.

Students like Allison Boudreau spent the past week trying to find guys to join the varsity football team to get their season back.

But they found out Monday, it wasn't enough.

"Just having the false hope all along thinking we had enough people to do this and apparently we didn't," said Allison Boudreau, senior class president. "So it's a disappointment and I think it'll be mostly disappointing to most of the seniors."

The students came together and found enough people to play.

But some of them didn't have the grades, or weren't in good enough shape to be on the team.

Students and parents said they couldn't be more disappointed that the football field will be empty on Friday nights, particularly for the seniors who won't be getting any field time. But the superintendent told me he didn't have a choice.

"We only have a few who were really there every day working hard, and to them I say I'm sorry," said Superintendent Patrick Little. "I wish it were different. I truly do, and I was pulling for a full season. But it hasn't worked out that way."

But the seniors aren't the only ones who will be losing out on Friday nights.

Down the road from East Jackson is Suburban Lanes, a bowling alley and restaurant that students say is the place to be after a game.

Owner Cindy Daniels says her business depends on those Friday nights.

"Hopefully they'll still come in even though there's no football games," Daniels said. "But it'll take a hit."

Allison Boudreau says without the varsity season, her senior year won't be the same.