Students Treated to Surprise Stunt Show

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SAGINAW TOWNSHIP, Mich. (AP) -- A big surprise was awaiting students at a Saginaw-area middle school when they gathered in the gym for an assembly.

To celebrate winning a $50,000 grant for computers in a nationwide contest, White Pine Middle School students on Friday were treated to a BMX stunt show.

Teacher and event organizer Nancy Blodgett tells the grant money wasn't used to pay for the event. Principal Kristen Hecht says the winnings will be used to buy computers.

The kids seemed to really enjoy Friday's show, which included booming music and stunts performed by athletes with Solution Action Sports.

Hecht and Blodgett were surprised, too, when they were asked to lie down on the gym floor so one of the athletes could jump over them on his bike.

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