Students Protest Cost of College

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A band is keeping the energy high, while spirits are low. Students are upset at continued tuition hikes at michigan state university.

"There are so many people on this campus that are going into so much debt. I am so lucky that my parents are helping me out, but they are going into debt. I hate seeing that happen," said Faith Perrenoud, a Junior at MSU.

At MSU, getting a bachelor's degree costs more than $54,000 in tuition, that's not counting books, fees or room and board.

"You used to be able to work your way through school or barely have to work at all to get through school which would give you more time to study, more time to interact with other students," said Connor Meston, a Sophomore at MSU.

Students said that's not the case anymore.

"No ifs, no buts, we demand tuition cuts," students chanted as they marched to the capitol.

They marched to raise awareness and put pressure on the university not to raise tuition further.

"A lot of students have to borrow now. It's a fact unfortunately of college life," said Val Meyers, who works in the financial Aid office at MSU.

Still, not everyone is taking loans. 54 percent of MSU graduates don't have any loans.
For those who do borrow money, by graduation they owe about $20,000 on average.

"Debt is good if it leads you to a position where you are going to make a lot more money and you're going to be a happier person, but you want to have smart debt," said Meyers.

Universities have had their own struggles. 20 years ago the state funded about 75 percent of higher education. That has dropped to only about 25 percent.

This year's proposed budget would give higher education a six percent budget increase.
The students marching Friday, hope that added money from the state means there won't be another tuition hike this year.

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