Student Shoved By Vice Principal Speaks Out

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ST. JOHN'S (WILX) --The student who says he was shoved and verbally harassed by a vice principal is speaking out.

St. John's Middle School Vice Principal Bryan Purves was put on paid administrative leave after the incident happened January 25th.

Superintendent Ken Ladouceur would only confirm that Purves had been put on administrative leave for an incident that happened on school grounds.

High school student Domanic Hunnicutt says he was assaulted by Purves.

"He told me to get off of his f-ing campus and then started shoving me," said Domanic Hunnicutt.

Hunnicutt says he was on middle school grounds waiting for the bus when Vice Principal Bryan Purves approached him, asking him to leave campus.
When Domanic talked back refusing to leave, Purves resorted to pushing and verbally harassing him.

"He told me I was too stupid to know what assault means and that's why I'm failing school ," said Hunnicutt.

Domanic and Purves do have a history. Throughout Middle School Domanic was in Purves's office for various incidents.
While Domanic hasn't always been the perfect student his father says Purves went too far this time.

"We asked him what happened and he denied he ever put his hands on Domanic. He (Purves) was upset that Dominac swore at him in front of other students. So we left the school and went to police. He called 5 minutes after we left the police station and said he watched the video and he admitted he did shove Domanic," said Forrest Hunnicutt, Domanic's father.

We know the school district is still looking into what should be done about the incident.
It is possible Purves could be back to his job as early as next week.

"I can't give you details. Right now I couldn't predict the outcome of the situation," said Superintendent Dr. Ken Ladouceur.

Purves was unavailable for comment.

Purves does have the support of a few parents who have already said positive things about his work for the district. Some students were also shocked to hear that Purves had lost his temper, saying that he had always been pretty collected when they had him as a vice principal.
But not everyone is as convinced of Purves's innocence.

"Others have stepped forward saying their kids had similar incidents with Purves. I think that when he has a problem with a kid he pushes to see what kind of reaction he can get. That's what he did with our son, and he didn't get the reaction he was looking for," said Forrest Hunnicutt.

The Hunnicutt family are pressing charges against Purves. They hope to hear from the prosecutor Monday to get more information about the investigation

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