Student Charged With Assault & Stalking

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The student who claims he was beaten up by several members of the MSU hockey team is facing assault and other charges himself.

20-year-old Brandon Carmack was arraigned Wednesday on a felony count of making a false police report and four misdemeanors, two counts of assault and battery, one count of domestic assault and one count of stalking.

Prosecutors say it's a case of shifting the blame. While Carmack claims he was stabbed and left with broken ribs and a broken nose, they believe he was the aggressor.

"It's not uncommon for people who have been involved in criminal activity to try to deflect by mistating facts, it's common," Ingham County Prosecutor Stuart Dunnings said.

Dunnings says the assaults happened in late August, during the first week of classes at MSU.

According to a Personal Protection Order filed by Carmack's ex-girlfriend, the domestic assault happened the day before.

In it, she claims she was at a gathering with her roomates, friends and members of the MSU swim team when Carmack called, intoxicated. She says he demanded to see her and barged into the house.

She says he then grabbed her by the neck and tried to choke her, until some men in the house stepped in.

Court records show, Carmack also made threats, telling her he would destroy her reputation.

During the arraignment, Carmack's attorney said her client was surprised Tuesday with a warrant. He turned himself into police Wednesday.

Responding to the allegations, his attorney told the judge there are two sides to every story. She wouldn't share that story with News 10, however. Both she, Carmack and his mother refused to comment.

Dunnings wouldn't go into detail on the case, but praised East Lansing investigators.

"This was a very messy situation," he said. "They had to diligently interview people, take their time and piece together, regardless of the sort of falsehoods that were being placed in the public domain."

Carmack has requested a preliminary hearing. He will be back in court Friday for a hearing on the restraining order.

The 20-year-old remains free on a $10,000 personal bond. The judge ordered him to have no contact with the alleged victims in the case. Carmack responded, telling the judge that won't be a problem because he is afraid of them.

Carmack has no adult record, but his attorney says he does have a juvenile conviction for arson.

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