Stepping Up Security For Common Ground

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Crews work on the finishing touches setting up fencing, while fans line up to buy last minute tickets. It's all for the first concerts of Common Ground.

Over 70,000 people are expected to show up at the concerts at Adado Riverfront Park over the next six days. It's a big crowd to control, that's why organizers are keeping security a top priority.

"If you're conscious of your neighbor if you're conscious of yourself and making sure that you follow the rules that we have put in place,' said Tristyn Wright with Common Ground Operations and Vice President of Operations for the Lansing Center.

That starts with security checkpoints at every entrance to Riverfront Park. Once people are inside, five different security teams from Lansing Police to LCC officers will be on hand.

"If there is trouble we are able to react quickly and make sure that it doesn't escalate to any more than it already had," Wright added.

Organizers say it's all about coordination and the security command center, housed in the fire station across from the park.

"Any incident that may happen out there comes here and then we make the decision based on what needs to be done," said Lansing Emergency Management Chief Michael Hamel.

While they're hoping for blue skies, severe weather means organizers will evacuate the park.

"Creates havoc to a degree because you have fencing that has to be opened and moved and then of course you have construction with LCC," Hamel explained.

Which is why officers have a plan to work around the construction. They'll still use the parking ramp and the Gannon building on LCC's campus, which they use every year. To avoid the construction they'll just use different access points

"It''s going to slow us down a little bit but it won't affect us, we'll still get people over there," Hamel said.

Making sure you're safe so people at the concert can focus on having a good time.

"Safety is number one and good music is I would say number two," Wright added.

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