State of the State Draws Mixed Reaction

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The governor's address pointed to achievements in the past and Republican lawmakers agreed that Michigan's economy is growing and the state is moving in the right direction.

"Unemployment is down nearly 5% and there's 170,000 more Michiganders working now," said Rep. Tom Leonard, R-Dewitt Township.

However, Democrats say many families are still struggling and they argue that the governor shouldn't take credit for the growing auto industry.

"Modest job growth our state has seen focused in the automotive industry. It's due entirely to the federal assistance to domestic automakers and has nothing to do whatsoever with this governor's policy," said Rep. Tim Greimel, D-House Minority Leader.

Gov. Snyder also talked about many initiatives he wants to get going in 2013, starting with repairing Michigan's roads and bridges.

"Everybody can agree we have crumbling infrastructure here in the State of Michigan," said Rep. Leoanrd.

"I think our infrastructure is crucial. We've been leaving that aside for too many years," said Rep. Theresa Abed, D-Grand Ledge.

Lawmakers on both sides agree roads need improvements, but say it's too early to tell how they'd pay for it. One Republican senator already struck down the governor's suggestion of raising user fees.

"I would prefer to put something on the ballot and let the people decide," said Sen. Rick Jones, R-Grand Ledge.

There's an overall sentiment the state has made important strides with still with a long way to go.

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