State of Michigan Website Gets Redesign

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The official website for state of Michigan has been redesigned, to help meet mobile demand. The website's facelift includes a "responsive design" that can detect a visitor's screen size to automatically adjust the content to display correctly. The state says this will be especially helpful for those visiting the site from a mobile device, like a smartphone or tablet.

The number of visitors to has increased 6 percent over 2012, and the state says more citizens are going to the site to get the services and information they need from the government. The site gets more than 3 million visitors each month and the state website got over 5.6 million visitors who were using mobile devices during the first quarter of 2013.

The state says that the website's new design improves the experience for state users, and saves the state money, by reducing time and maintenance costs. The site also features an enhanced social media presence, an improved calendar, and easier access to government transparency and fiscal accountability. There is also web-based communication to enhance citizen feedback and engagement.