State Treasurer Dillon to Resign

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State Treasurer Andy Dillon announced Friday that he will step down from his position, effective November 1.

"It is unfair to my family and the residents of Michigan, to allow issues related to my recent divorce and the unfortunate acrimony associated with it to be a continued source of media attention and scrutiny," Dillon said in a statement released Friday. "My family deserves privacy and our residents deserve to know their State Treasurer is not distracted by such issues and events."

Governor Rick Snyder appointed Dillon to the position in January 2011. He is responsible for overseeing changes to the state's taxation laws, distributing revenue sharing monies and protecting the state's credit rating.

Prior to serving as treasurer, Dillon served three terms in the Michigan House of Representatives, serving as the Speaker of the House for two terms.

The governor also issued a statement Friday, thanking Dillon for his service.

"Andy has demonstrated time and again that he was the right person at the right time to serve as treasurer," Snyder said. "I respect his decision to seek new opportunities and offer my sincere gratitude for his years of selfless service to our state."

Dillon will work with Snyder to select a new treasurer, according to the statement, and will help transition that person into the position.

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