Judge Lets State Temporarily Close Eaton County Day Care

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Parents who drop their children off at Tina's Tiny Tots in Eaton County will be looking for an alternative, at least for the next few days.

"We're disappointed in this ruling," said David Kallman, attorney for the day care owner Tina Hause.

A judge decided the state can temporarily suspend the daycare's license until a hearing with the Department of Human Services next week.

This investigation started after a 2-year old under Hause's care was found on a highway last month.

"It's undisputed that the child was found wandering down M-99 unattended," said Ingham County Circuit Court Judge Clinton Canady. "So I don't think it's unreasonable for the state to take the position well let's investigate this and let's find out what happened."

Tina Hause, who runs the day care out of her home, was not available for comment but her attorney says this was an isolated incident.

"How many parents have not lost track of a child," Kallman said. "I daresay just about all of us have at one point or another."

Hause has been a licensed care provider for 34 years.

Seven of the eight families with children under her care released letters saying they feel safe with her services. It's a point Hause's attorney says he'll be focusing on in the hearing.

"I would think the state could listen to the parents who are there all the time and have a track record with this daycare provider and maybe rely on that other than one isolated incident," Kallman added.

A spokesman for DHS says the state is mainly concerned with the facts of the June incident when it comes to licensing.

"At that point Ms. Hause will have every opportunity to raise every issue that she has with respect to the factual underlying factual basis of the order of summary suspension," said Assistant Attorney General Kelley McLean, representing DHS.

An administrative judge will make a recommendation regarding any suspension or revocation of Hause's day care license. Then it's up to the director of DHS if Hause can keep her doors open.

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