State Rep. Bob Genetski Faces Drunk Driving Charge As Trial Begins

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At the 54b District Court in East Lansing, Michigan State University police officer, Casey Christman gave his step-by-step account of what would become a drunk driving arrest for State Representative Bob Genetski from Saugatuck.

Christman described how he pulled Genetski over for speeding on Michigan Avenue. He also said he could smell alcohol on Genetski when they first made contact.

"I was definitely able to ascertain that there was alcohol emanating from the vehicle," said Christman.

According to Christman, Genetski also had impaired speech. He had the representative perform a series of sobriety tests, including counting backwards and walking in a straight line.

"I requested that Mr. Genetski take nine consecutive heel-to-toe steps forward," said Christman. "He walked in a staggered line, he didn't touch heel-to-toe multiple times and also after being advised to turn to his left, he made a right turn."

The jury watched as a video was shown to those in the courtroom, depicting the night's events.

A cross-examination by Genetski's defense attorney, Mike Nichols, compared what happened in the video to Christman's account.

"I want the jurors to simply render a verdict based on whether the prosecution meets his proof responsibility," said Nichols. "Is there a fair and honest doubt that the man is sober or under the influence."

Several witnesses were also brought in throughout the afternoon to discuss Genetski's blood-alcohol content (Michigan State Police Toxicology labs report it was 0.88) and if the number is truly correct.

A verdict is expected to be reached on Tuesday.

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