State Police and Local Businesses getting ready for NYE

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LANSING (WILX) If you haven't made plans for New Years Eve time is running out. It's the last Sunday before the new year starts and many businesses and police officers are preparing for a big night.

Many business owners believe there will be a big turn out despite the holiday falling on a week night.

"I think with the weekend prior to New Years Eve people can get errands done. Then they can go out New Years Eve and enjoy, and new years day hopefully have the day off of work," said Avenue Cafe Cook, Melissa Baldwin.

Most restaurants and bars will be open Tuesday morning until 4am. If you do plan on going out though be safe! Michigan State Police say they will have extra patrols out that will be paying particular attention to traffic violations.

"Anyone caught drunk driving will go to jail, anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol will go to jail. We enforce seat belt laws, and we enforce erratic driving. Get a designated driver or get a cab," said state trooper Drew Spencer.

If you are looking for something a little more family friendly Meridian Township will be having a fireworks display Monday night at 8:30pm. It will be the first time the township has done fireworks during the winter.

"With the leaves off the trees and snow on the ground we could have the reflection of the lights on the snow, and it really could be quite beautiful," said Meridian Parks and Rec Director LuAnne Maisner.

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