UPDATE: State Expects to Have Bridge Card Problem Fixed by Saturday Night

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The Department of Technology, Budget and Management says that 90 percent of affected Bridge card holders have had their cards "restored and loaded" with the appropriate food assistance benefits.

The restoration program continues to run reversing the error that affected accounts. About 10,000 out of the original 85,000 are still in the que to be fixed.

A second batch of bridge cards may be left unloaded because of a computer glitch. It originally affected cards connected to account numbers ending in zero. The Department of Technology, Management and Budget tells wilx.com account numbers ending in one may have the same problem Saturday.

State employees have been working around the clock since Thursday to fix the problem, which was caused by human error. 85,000 cards were in the first batch. 55,000 of them have been reloaded as of Friday night. The state expects to finish the job by 6pm Saturday.

Recipients of food assistance can call 888-678-8914 for updates.

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