State Capitol To Hold National Pro-Gun Rally, Saturday

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For pro-gun activists, Saturday's rally is a chance to have their voices heard.

The idea came from a Texas-based group called 'Guns Across America'. They are planning rallies at state capitol buildings around the country on 'Gun Appreciation Day', Michigan included.

It comes from the fear that proposals to ban semi-automatic weapons and high-capacity magazines threaten the Second Amendment.

'Michigan Open Carry' President Phillip Hofmeister is one of many Michiganders expected to be at the noon protest.

"We don't want our rights eroded," said Hofmeister. "There are attacks on the Second Amendment from many different angles, the federal level mostly. People really feel the need to get out, stop being quiet and express their minds."

Colt Sutton, who works at Mid-Michigan Guns and Gear in Bath, also plans to attend. He believes some gun law changes do need to be made, but says the government should take its time with each one.

"It's coming at us too fast and it needs to be done right, with Congress," said Sutton. "It can't just be slipped in there, under the radar."

The rally is supposed to be peaceful and for that reason, Michigan State Police and the Lansing Police Department say they are not planning on having any sort of presence at the Capitol. If things do get out of hand, they tell News 10, they won't be afraid to step in.

Hofmeister, who plans on openly carrying his own gun during the rally, says safety hasn't been an issue in the past.

"There have been open carry rallies involving firearms at the Capitol before," said Hofmeister. "They're always peaceful. We try to desensitize the public and show them that law abiding, good people carry guns too."

'Michigan Open Carry' is not involved with this rally, Hofmeister says he is attending to not only protest, but to network as well. 'Michigan Open Carry' and other pro-gun groups are planning their own rally for sometime in March.

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