State Announces $115 Million in Road Projects

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The state has announced how it's going to spend the extra $115 million in road funding the Legislature set aside in March. The money will pay for 125 projects around the state, three of them in Mid-Michigan. Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard will be repaired between Victor Avenue and Bishop Road in Lansing at a cost of nearly $1.3 million. MDOT will spend $1 million I-496 between Cedar Street in Lansing and the westbound I-96 interchange in Eaton County. Brown Street in Jackson will get $1.2 million worth of improvements between Randolph and Morrell Streets.

The $115 million will help, but it's only a drop in the bucket compared to the nearly $2 billion Governor Rick Snyder says the state needs. Lawmakers couldn't agree on an amount or how to pay for it before they left for a 12-week vacation. House Speaker Jase Bolger says they'll be working on it over the summer.

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