State Agriculture Business Booming

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Spirits are high and leaders in the state's food and agriculture industry are seeing green.

"There's this general bullish feeling about the future of agriculture and that's driven largely by world wide demand for food and food products," said Chris Peterson, Director of the Michigan State University Product Center.

According to an index that measures business confidence in agriculture, the states economy is growing. It helps that demand is so high. The Michigan Farm Bureau estimates producers will need to double the world's food supply in the next 40 years

"So we've now seen the state economy begin to catch up with by the strong numbers that have been produced by the food and agriculture economy," said Peterson, who helped release the report.

It's an industry that brings the state $96 billion dollars each year.

"But we need to keep that going we need to feed the industry the enterprise and be successful together," said Gov. Rick Snyder to a group of industry leaders on Tuesday.

They're hoping to keep that growing by making sure the next generation is ready to take the reins. The Agriculture Expo at Michigan State is just one way to get them interested, with vendors showcasing everything from equipment to growing methods.

"We went through kind of a lull and the industry was taking a downturn," said Betsy Braid, Educational Program Coordinator for the expo. "We've kind of swung that back around so we're really excited that we're going on the uptick things are looking good."

With industry leaders doing what they can to the industry growing.

"Whatever's happening in the short-run the long-run outlook remains very positive," Peterson said.

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