Police Shoot Gunman to End Standoff

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A 49 year-old man from Laingsburg has been shot, after holding police at bay for more than 10 hours. Police say the man has a history of mental illness.

The standoff began at about 1:30 Friday morning at a home on Phelps Street near downtown Laingsburg. Police say a neighbor called 911 after hearing shots fired. When Laingsburg police officers arrived, they saw a man inside the home, loading a firearm.

Shiawassee County Sheriff's deputies, and a Michigan State Police SWAT team was called in to assist police. Some residents were evacuated, others told to stay inside or move to their basements.

Police negotiators worked to convince the man to surrender. A police tactical unit was also used to try to remove him from the home.

"You don't want to rush it," said Shiawassee County Sheriff George Braidwood. "You want to give the guy an opportunity to give himself up peacefully and just didn't quite turn out that way this time."

Later in the morning, when police approached the home, the suspect fired, putting holes in a police vehicle. When they tried again, the suspect fired again. This time law enforcement returned fire, striking the suspect in the shoulder.

The suspect was conscious and talking as he left the scene, Braidwood said. He was taken to a hospital by ambulance.

Neighbors tell News 10 the man lives alone and hasn't caused too much trouble before.

"He's quiet, keeps to himself, doesn't really cause any issues -- well until now," said neighbor Jacob Wing. I mean he has shot his gun before, but nothing to this extent."

Police say he's had run-ins with the law and has both "mental disorders" and "criminal history."

The man will face charges, the sheriff said. The extent of the charges is up to a prosecutor.

The standoff paralyzed the small Laingsburg community. Roads surrounding the home were shut down, and the Laingsburg School District canceled classes for the day.

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