Speeding Violation Leads Cops to Burglary Suspect

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LANSING TOWNSHIP - Some smart investigation and a little luck leads a pair of Lansing Township police officers to arrest a suspect in a home invasion. Officer Kathryn Teigeler and Officer Cody Kovacic were checking for speeders on Willows Street near the St. Joseph Cemetery Thursday morning, when they clocked a car going too fast. They attempted to pull the car over, but the driver wouldn't stop. A short pursuit began.

The offending driver, made it to Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, and pulled into a driveway by Daleford Avenue. Then the driver and passenger got out and ran off. Officers were able to catch one of the car's occupants, but the other got away.

As Officers Teigeler and Kovacic were securing the car, they spotted a container with jewelry inside and an address label. The address was not far from where the pursuit began. Officers went to the home. They found that the homeowner had been out of the house that morning, and had only recently returned. The homeowner had not realized the house had been broken into and the jewelry had been stolen. Officers believe the suspects in the car must have just burglarized the home not long before they were caught speeding.

The suspect, Terry Galmore, 35, was arraigned Friday in 55th District Court for fleeing and eluding, home invasion and being a habitual offender.

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