Spartans Celebrate Rose Bowl Victory in East Lansing, No Major Incidents

East Lansing Fire Department responds to a couch fire on Center and Oak St. in East Lansing. It was one of only a few minor incidents Wednesday night.
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After the couch burning fiasco that followed the Big Ten Championship game, East Lansing police were on high alert Wednesday night, just in case.

There were no major incidents to report following the Spartan's win Wednesday in the Rose Bowl. Most of the students at Michigan State are still home on winter break.

Police responded to a handful of calls for burning couches, but otherwise fans celebrated responsibly.

In Cedar Village, the site of last month's civil disturbances, East Lansing police, MSU campus police, and Michigan State police were doing patrols.

On Tuesday, East Lansing Police Captain Jeff Murphy said the department was working to make sure history didn't repeat itself after the Rose Bowl.

"Considerable amount of police presence, extra people above and beyond what we've already staffed," Murphy said.

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